Day 0 of 100: Prologue

Day 0 of 100: Prologue

Let's do this one more time, but better.

Today I tweeted I am going to run for the 2nd trip of the #100DaysofCode challenge on Twitter.

This marks my first blog.

Why I failed the first time?

I failed the first time because I didn't have a strict schedule for my day. I just kept on tasks as they appear so on and so forth. Not anymore...

I recently stumbled across this video and it has just opened my eyes to productivity


Last time I set my goal to build a personal portfolio + blog site. Did I at least accomplish that? Nope. So, same this time?

Yes, but there's more to it. These will be my upcoming 100 days goals:-

  1. Build a personal blog + portfolio

  2. Finish Advent of Code 2022

  3. Do some leetcode and hackerrank challenges

  4. Learn about DSA, primarily.

That's it for today, I will post a blog every day to document my way. See you tomorrow.


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Bye, it's meTheBe for Enigma Bits.