Prologue: Feasibility Study, Requirements Analysis, sitemap and the stack

Prologue: Feasibility Study, Requirements Analysis, sitemap and the stack

My blog for Day 1 of 100


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Feasibility Study

As I twitted Day-0, I have decided to build a personal website; within the upcoming 100 days. Today, Day 01(Feb 23, 2023) I have finished the Feasibility Study for v1.0.0 ๐ŸŽ‰. Took me some research on whether can I do this. Here is my report.

  1. Operatioal: โœ…. With a little bit of tinkering here & there, I can operate it easily.

  2. Economic: โœ…. First, it is worth it & got tricks up my sleeve to reduce cost.

  3. Chronological: โœ…โœ…. Since I am taking a vaca from all, this is the time.

Apart from these 3 factors, I can manage others. That's a very short non-pro study by a Backend Engineer ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Requirements Analysis

At first, I wanted everything on my portfolio, e.g., blogs, projects, hire-me, e-shop(๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ), my vlog, podcasts etc. But went zen and decided

  • about-me

  • skills

  • projects

  • blogs

  • contacts

are well enough for now. Anything can arise in v2.0.0. These key points will also serve as my functional requirements as well.


I will have the home page that has 4 main sections:-

  1. hero: about-me essentially

  2. skills: what am I capable of

  3. projects: what have I done

  4. footer: where to next kinda

Simple and sweet for now. The global navbar will contain links to separate pages of the site. They are:-

  • home

  • projects

  • blogs

  • hire-me CTA

Here, projects and blogs branch out to separate pages for detail view.

the stack

I didn't go fancy, just what I am comfortable with. I chose SvelteKit with tailwindcss because, after all, I am just Backend Engineer with somewhat non-pro Frontend skills. However I could have gone with Flutter which I am well comfortable with, but I don't like drawing onto Canvas which I could easily do with primitive HTML5 elements.

Bonus: Deployment

As I mentioned in the Feasibility Study section, for Economic, I figured some stuff up.

For DDos and Front Facing Cache, I will have Cloudflare. As host, I will use Vercel as it is less painful in the a** in my opinion. My projects' metadata will be pulled from GitHub and the blogs will be from Hashnode.

the images will be webp and I am planning to use ISR(incremental server side rendering).


I think that's it for today. Till I meet in another one, it's me the BE, signing off ๐Ÿ‘‹.